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    • A criterion for the onset of void coalescence under combined tension and shear 

      Tekoğlu, Cihan; Leblond, J. -B.; Pardoen, T. (Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd, 2012-07)
      Depending on the relative positions of voids and on the loading conditions, shear loading components can play an important role in the void coalescence process leading to ductile fracture. Yet, most void coalescence criteria ...
    • On localization and void coalescence as a precursor to ductile fracture 

      Tekoğlu, Cihan; Hutchinson, J. W.; Pardoen, T. (Royal Soc, 2015-03-28)
      Two modes of plastic flow localization commonly occur in the ductile fracture of structural metals undergoing damage and failure by the mechanism involving void nucleation, growth and coalescence. The first mode consists ...