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    • Engineered Chimeric Peptides as Antimicrobial Surface Coating Agents toward Infection-Free Implants 

      Yazici, Hilal; O'Neill, Mary B.; Kacar, Turgay; Wilson, Brandon R.; Ören, Ersin Emre; Sarikaya, Mehmet; Tamerler, Candan (Amer Chemical Soc, 2016-03)
      Prevention of bacterial colonization and consequent biofilm formation remains a major challenge in implantable medical devices. Implant-associated infections are not only a major cause of implant failures but also their ...
    • Peptides to bridge biological-platinum materials interface 

      Cetinel, Sibel; Dincer, Sevil; Cebeci, Anil; Ören, Ersin Emre; Whitaker, John D.; Schwartz, Daniel T.; Karaguler, Nevin Gul; Sarikaya, Mehmet; Tamerler, Candan (Ice Publishing, 2012)
      Peptides with inorganic materials recognition already started to impact a wide range of surface- related technologies ranging from biomonitoring to biomedical areas. Combinatorial biology- based libraries are the initial ...