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    • Tackling in-camera downsizing for reliable camera id verification 

      Tandoğan, Sinan E.;  Altınışık, Enes;  Sarimurat, Salim;  Sencar, Hüsrev Taha (Society for Imaging Science and Technology, 2019-01)
      The photo-response non-uniformity (PRNU) of an imaging sensor can be regarded as a biometric identifier unique to each camera. This modality is referred to as camera ID. The underlying process for estimating and matching ...
    • Towards Measuring Uniqueness of Human Voice 

      Tandoğan, Sinan E.; Sencar, Hüsrev Taha; Tavlı, Bülent (IEEE, 2017)
      The use of voice as a biometric modality for user authentication and identification has grown very rapidly. It is therefore very important that we understand limitations of such systems which will ultimately depend on the ...