Recent Submissions

  • Affective Contagion in Effortful Political Thinking 

    Erişen, Cengiz; Lodge, Milton; Taber, Charles (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2014-04)
    We offer a theory of motivated political reasoning based on the claim that the feelings aroused in the initial stages of processing sociopolitical information inevitably color all phases of the evaluation process. When a ...
  • Research Methods in Political Psychology 

    Erişen, Cengiz; Erişen, Elif; Özkeçeci-Taner, Binnur (Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2013-04)
    Given the interdisciplinary nature of political psychology research, the methods employed to produce scientific knowledge should be able to answer the questions raised in the discipline. The multitude of methods used in ...
  • Emotions as a Determinant in Turkish Political Behavior 

    Erişen, Cengiz (Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2013-04)
    This article provides an experimental analysis of the role emotions play in Turkish voters' political attitudes and behavior with respect to the Syria crisis. By examining the political effects of emotions, this article ...
  • The Political Psychology of Turkish Political Behavior: Introduction by the Special Issue Editor 

    Erişen, Cengiz (Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2013-04)
    [No abstract available]
  • Emotions, social networks and Turkish political attitudes on the Syria crisis 

    Erişen, Cengiz (Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2015-03)
    This study investigates the influence of incidentally raised emotions on political interest and threat perception with respect to the Syria crisis while controlling for social network characteristics. Through an experiment ...
  • Strategic Voting and Coordination Problems in Proportional Systems: An Experimental Study 

    Blais, Andre; Erişen, Cengiz; Rheault, Ludovic (SAGE Publications Inc., 2014-06)
    We investigate strategic voting in proportional representation (PR) systems where parties are organized in pre-electoral coalitions and subject to a vote threshold. We show that such political systems are likely to generate ...
  • Exploring the invocation of emotion in presidential speeches 

    Villalobos, J. D.; Erişen, Cengiz (Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2014-12)
    Scholars have long explored why presidential rhetoric is important and how it matters for public leadership and policy-making. However, relatively few works have considered the role that emotion plays in leadership ...
  • The Effect of Social Networks on the Quality of Political Thinking 

    Erişen, Cengiz; Erişen, Elif (Wiley, 2013-01)
    In this article we investigate the effect of social networks on the quality of political thinking. First, the article introduces new social network concepts into the literature and develops the corresponding measures. ...
  • Attitudinal Ambivalence towards Turkey’s EU Membership 

    Erişen, Cengiz; Erişen, Elif (Wiley-Blackwell, 2014-03)
    This article takes a comparative political behaviour approach to examine the multifaceted nature of Turkey's European Union (EU) membership bid from the perspective of the EU citizens. We propose a multidimensional explanation ...