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    • Waterland: (Re)Textualizing Histories And Historicizing The Past 

      Serdaroğlu, Duygu (Ankara University The Faculty of Languages and History-GeographyAnkara Üniversitesi Dil ve Tarih-Coğrafya Fakültesi, 2017)
      Graham Swift's novel Waterland (1983) is about Thomas Crick, a history teacher. In his history lessons, Thomas Crick merges public history with his private history as well as local history of Fenlands where he lives, to ...
    • Who is the Most Stressed During the COVID?19 Pandemic? Data From 26 Countries and Areas 

      Kowal, Marta; Karwowski, Maciej; Coll-Martin, Tao; İkizer, Gözde; Rasmussen, Jesper; Lieberoth, Andreas; Eichel, Kristina; Studzinska, Anna; Koszalkowska, Karolina; Najmussaqib, Arooj; Pankowski, Daniel; Ahmed, Oli (Wiley-Blackwell, 2020-12)
      Background: To limit the rapid spread of COVID-19, countries have asked their citizens to stay at home. As a result, demographic and cultural factors related to home life have become especially relevant to predict population ...
    • A wide class of Combinatorial matrices related with Reciprocal Pascal and Super Catalan matrices 

      Kılıç, Emrah; Prodinger, Helmut (University of Calgary, 2019-12-25)
      In this paper, we present a number of combinatorial matrices that are generalizations or variants of the super Catalan matrix and the reciprocal Pascal matrix. We present explicit formulæ for LU-decompositions of all the ...
    • A Wilf class composed of 19 symmetry classes of quadruples of 4-letter patterns 

      Arikan, Talha; Kılıç, Emrah; Mansour, Toufik (Bulgarian Acad Science, 2017)
      In this paper, we make a contribution to the enumeration of permutations avoiding a quadruples of 4-letter patterns by establishing a Wilf class composed of 19 symmetry classes.
    • Working in the Midst of Trauma: Exposure and Coping in News Camera Operators 

      İkizer, Gözde; Karancı, Ayşe Nuray; Kocaoglan, Sibel (Routledge, 2019-05)
      News camera operators are among the first responders to crises, emergencies, and other human suffering. This study is an attempt in the literature to explore trauma exposure and coping in news camera operators who are ...