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    • Cross-cultural differences in driver aggression, aberrant, and positive driver behaviors 

      Ersan, Özlem; Üzümcüoğlu Zihni, Yeşim; Azık, Derya; Fındık, Gizem; Kaçan, Bilgesu; Solmazer, Gaye; Özkan, Türker; Lajunen, Timo; Öz, Bahar; Pashkevich, Anton; Pashkevich, Maria; Danelli-Mylona, Vassiliki; Georgogianni, Dimitra; Berisha Krasniqi, Ema; Krasniqi, Muhamed; Makris, Evangelos; Shubenkova, Ksenia; Xheladini, Gentiane (Elsevier Ltd., 2020-05)
      The present study investigated differences in driver aggression for self and others within countries and cultural differences between driver aggression, aberrant, and positive driver behaviors across five countries (Estonia, ...
    • How drivers perceive traffic? How they behave in traffic of Turkey and China? 

      Üzümcüoğlu Zihni, Yeşim; Özkan, Türker; Wu, Chaozhong; Zhang, Hui (Elsevier Ltd, 2019-07)
      Road traffic accidents/fatalities and driver behaviors show regional differences. It is assumed that the perceived traffic climate in a given context is closely related to driver behaviors. In the current study, this ...