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    • An asymmetric configural model approach for understanding complainer emotions and loyalty 

      Kasnakoğlu, Berna Tarı; Yilmaz, Cengiz; Varnali, Kaan (Elsevier Science Inc, 2016)
      Few works emphasize the emotional nature of customer complaint behavior, and those that do so fodis largely on negativity. The idea that specific emotions might lead to idiosyncratic reactions and that in some cases positive ...
    • How do firms benefit from customer complaints? 

      Yilmaz, Cengiz; Varnali, Kaan; Kasnakoğlu, Berna Tarı (Elsevier Science Inc, 2016)
      The study explores the effects of two sets of factors relating to complaint management on firm performance, namely, (1)customer response factors and (2) organizational learning factors, thereby integrating organizational ...