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    • Rational points of the curve over 

      Özbudak, Ferruh; Saygı, Zülfükar (Cambridge University Press, 2014-01)
      Let q be a power of an odd prime. For arbitrary positive integers h, n, m with n dividing m and arbitrary with ? ? 0 we determine the number of -rational points of the curve in many cases.
    • Robust preconditioners for the high-contrast Stokes equation 

      Aksoylu, Burak (Elsevier Science Bv, 2014-03)
      We consider the Stokes equation with high-contrast viscosity coefficients. We construct a preconditioner that is robust with respect to contrast size and mesh size simultaneously based on the preconditioner proposed by ...
    • Ruehr's identities with two additional parameters 

      Kılıç, Emrah; Arıkan, Talha (Integers, 2016-03)
      We present generalizations of Ruehr’s identities with two additional parameters. We prove the claimed results by two di?erent proof methods, namely combinatorially and mechanically. Further, we derive recurrence relations ...
    • Singular approximation in polydiscs by summability process 

      Duman, Oktay (Springer, 2016-09)
      In this paper, we approximate a continuous function in a polydisc by means of multivariate complex singular operators which preserve the analytic functions. In this singular approximation, we mainly use a regular summability ...
    • Smoothness Properties of Modified Bernstein-Kantorovich Operators 

      Ozarslan, Mehmet Ali; Duman, Oktay (Taylor and Francis Inc., 2016-01)
      In this article, we consider modified Bernstein-Kantorovich operators and investigate their approximation properties. We show that the order of approximation to a function by these operators is at least as good as that of ...
    • Solving a Second Order Fuzzy Initial Value Problem Using The Heaviside Function 

      Akın, Ömer; Khaniyev, Tahir; Bayeğ, Selami; Türkşen, İ. B. (Matematikçiler Derneği, 2016-06)
      In this paper, we reformulate the algorithm in [7] to find an analytical expression for ?-cuts of the solution of the second order nonhomogeneous fuzzy initial value problem with fuzzy initial values and fuzzy forcing ...
    • Some classes of alternating weighted binomial sums 

      Kılıç, Emrah (2016-09)
      In this paper, we consider three classes of generalized alternating weighted binomial sums of the form where f (n, i, k, t) will be chosen as UktiVkn?k(t+2)i, UktiVkn?kti and UtkiV(k+1)tn?(k+2)ti. We use the Binet formula ...
    • Some Double binomial sums related to Fibonacci, Pell and generalized order-k Fibonacci numbers 

      Kılıç, Emrah; Prodinger, Helmut (Rocky Mt Math Consortium, 2013-10)
      We consider some double binomial sums related to the Fibonacci and Pell numbers and a multiple binomial sum related to the generalized order-k Fibonaccinumbers. The Lagrange-Burmann formula and other well-known techniques ...
    • Some Gaussian binomial sum formulæ with applications 

      Kılıç, Emrah; Prodinger, Helmut (Indian National Science Academy, 2016-09)
      We introduce and compute some Gaussian q-binomial sums formul ae. In order to prove these sums, our approach is to use q-analysis, in particular a formula of Rothe, and computer algebra. We present some applications of our ...
    • Some possible fuzzy solutions for second order fuzzy initial value problems involving forcing terms 

      Akın, Ömer; Khaniyev, Tahir; Oruc, O.; Turksen, I. B. (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 2014)
      In this paper, we state a fuzzy initial value problem of the second order fuzzy differential equations. Here, we investigate problems with fuzzy coefficients, fuzzy initial values, and fuzzy forcing functions where fuzzy ...
    • Some Results On Hausdorff Metric For Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets 

      Akın, Ömer; Bayeğ, Selami (Matematikçiler Derneği, 2018)
      Fuzzy set theory was frstly introduced by L. A. Zadeh in 1965 [1]. In fuzzy sets, every element in the set is accompanied with a function μ(x): X → [0, 1], called membership function. The membership function may have ...
    • Some Results on the Fundamental Concepts of Fuzzy Set Theory in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment by Using α and β cuts 

      Akın, Ömer; Bayeğ, Selami (University of Nis, 2019)
      In this paper we have frstly examined the properties of α and β cuts of intuitionistic fuzzy numbers in Rn with the help of well-known Stacking and Characterization theorems in fuzzy set theory. Then, we have studied the ...
    • Some Subsequences of the Generalized Fibonacci and Lucas Sequences 

      Kılıç, Emrah; Kılıç, Elif Tan (Utilitas Mathematica Publishing Inc., 2015-07)
      We derive first-order nonlinear homogeneous recurrence relations for certain subsequences of generalized Fibonacci and Lucas sequences. We also present a polynomial representation for the terms of Lucas subsequence.
    • Some weighted sums of products of Lucas sequences 

      Kılıç, Emrah; Ömür, Neşe (Integers, 2013-11)
      In this paper, we consider the weighted sums of products of Lucas sequences of the form (Formula Presented) where rn and sn are the terms of Lucas sequences {Un} and {Vn} for some positive integers t and m. By using ...
    • Stability and bifurcation analysis of two-neuron network with discrete and distributed delays 

      Karaoglu, Esra; Yilmaz, Enes; Merdan, Hüseyin (Elsevier B.V., 2016-03)
      In this paper, we give a detailed Hopf bifurcation analysis of a recurrent neural network system involving both discrete and distributed delays. Choosing the sum of the discrete delay terms as a bifurcation parameter the ...
    • Studying new generalizations of Max-Min matrices with a novel approach 

      Kılıç, Emrah; Arıkan, Talha (TÜBİTAK, 2019)
      We consider new kinds of max and min matrices, [amax(i,j)]i,j?1 and [amin(i,j)]i,j?1, as generalizations of the classical max and min matrices. Moreover, their reciprocal analogues for a given sequence {an} have been ...
    • Summability methods in weighted approximation to derivatives of functions 

      Duman, Oktay; Küçük, Nisa (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, 2015-04)
      In this paper, we use summability methods on the approximation to derivatives of functions by a family of linear operators acting on weighted spaces. This point of view enables us to overcome the lack of ordinary convergence ...
    • Summability on Mellin-type nonlinear integral operators 

      Aslan, İsmail; Duman, Oktay (Taylor and Francis Ltd., 2019-03)
      In this study, approximation properties of the Mellin-type nonlinear integral operators defined on multivariate functions are investigated. In order to get more general results than the classical aspects, we mainly use the ...
    • Summability Process by Mastroianni Operators and Their Generalizations 

      Duman, Oktay (Birkhauser Verlag AG, 2015-02)
      In this paper, we prove a general Korovkin-type approximation theorem for the Mastroianni operators using a regular summability process with non-negative entries. We also obtain some useful estimates via the modulus of ...
    • Summability process by singular operators 

      Duman, Oktay (Kossuth Lajos Tudomanyegyetem, 2014)
      The aim of this paper is to obtain some approximation theorems for a sequence of singular operators that do not have to be positive in general. In the approximation, we mainly use a general matrix summability process ...