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    • An Algorithm for the solution of second order Fuzzy Initial Value Problem 

      Akın, Ömer; Khaniyev, Tahir; Oruc, O.; Türkşen, İ. B. (Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd, 2013-01)
      In this paper, we state a fuzzy initial value problem of the second order fuzzy differential equations. Here we investigate problems with fuzzy coefficients, fuzzy initial values and fuzzy forcing functions. We ...
    • Oscillation Criteriaof impulsive partial difference Equations 

      Özpınar, Figen; Koçak, Zeynep Fidan; Akın, Ömer (Matematikçiler Derneği, 2013-01)
      In this paper, some oscillation criteria of certain impulsive partial difference equations with continuous variables are established.
    • Variants of the Filbert Matrix 

      Kılıç, Emrah; Prodinger, Helmut (Fibonacci Association, 2013-05)
      A variation of the Filbert matrix from [1] is introduced, which has one additional Fibonacci factor in the numerator. We also introduce its Lucas counterpart by taking Lucas numbers instead of Fibonacci numbers in a similar ...
    • Generalization of statistical Korovkin theorems 

      Duman, Oktay; Ergür, Alperen Ali (Hindawi Publishing, 2013-08)
      We generalize and develop the Korovkin-type approximation theory by using an appropriate abstract space. We show that our approximation is more applicable than the classical one. At the end, we display some applications.
    • On the correlation of the supremum and the infimum and of maximum gain and maximum loss of Brownian motion with drift 

      Varda-Acar, Ceren; Zirbel, Craig L.; Székely, Gábor J. (Elsevier Science Bv, 2013-08)
      Investors are naturally interested in the supremum and the infimum of stock prices, also in the maximum gain and the maximum loss over a time period. To shed light on these relatively complicated aspects of sample paths, ...
    • Some Double binomial sums related to Fibonacci, Pell and generalized order-k Fibonacci numbers 

      Kılıç, Emrah; Prodinger, Helmut (Rocky Mt Math Consortium, 2013-10)
      We consider some double binomial sums related to the Fibonacci and Pell numbers and a multiple binomial sum related to the generalized order-k Fibonaccinumbers. The Lagrange-Burmann formula and other well-known techniques ...
    • Sylvester-Tridiagonal Matrix with Alternating main diagonal entries and its Spectra 

      Kılıç, Emrah (Walter De Gruyter Gmbh, 2013-11)
      Recently some generalizations of Sylvester type tridiagonal matrices have been considered with their spectra. We introduce a new kind generalization of Sylvester type tridiagonal matrix by considering its main diagonal entries. ...
    • Some weighted sums of products of Lucas sequences 

      Kılıç, Emrah; Ömür, Neşe (Integers, 2013-11)
      In this paper, we consider the weighted sums of products of Lucas sequences of the form (Formula Presented) where rn and sn are the terms of Lucas sequences {Un} and {Vn} for some positive integers t and m. By using ...
    • Distribution of maximum loss of fractional Brownian motion with drift 

      Çağlar, Mine; Varda-Acar, Ceren (Elsevier Science Bv, 2013-12)
      In this paper, we find bounds on the distribution of the maximum loss of fractional Brownian motion with H >= 1/2 and derive estimates on its tail probability. Asymptotically, the tail of the distribution of maximum loss ...
    • Some possible fuzzy solutions for second order fuzzy initial value problems involving forcing terms 

      Akın, Ömer; Khaniyev, Tahir; Oruc, O.; Turksen, I. B. (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 2014)
      In this paper, we state a fuzzy initial value problem of the second order fuzzy differential equations. Here, we investigate problems with fuzzy coefficients, fuzzy initial values, and fuzzy forcing functions where fuzzy ...
    • Asymmetric generalizations of the Filbert matrix and variants 

      Kılıç, Emrah; Prodinger, Helmut (Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, 2014)
      Four generalizations of the Filbert matrix are considered; with additional asymmetric parameter settings. Explicit formula are derived for the LU-decompositions, their inverses, and the inverse matrix. The approach is ...
    • A proof of a conjecture of Marques and Trojovsky 

      Kılıç, Emrah (University of Miskolc, 2014)
      In this paper, we consider Marques and Trojovsky's conjecture involving Fibonomial coefficients, Fibonacci and Lucas numbers. After rewriting it in terms of Gaussian q-binomial coefficients and q-Pochhammer symbols, we ...
    • Nonlinear Bernstein-Type operators providing a better error estimation 

      Duman, Oktay (University of Miskolc, 2014)
      In this paper, when approximating a continuos non-negative function on the unit interval, we present an alternative way to the classical Bernstein polynomials. Our new operators become nonlinear, however, for some classes ...
    • Summability process by singular operators 

      Duman, Oktay (Kossuth Lajos Tudomanyegyetem, 2014)
      The aim of this paper is to obtain some approximation theorems for a sequence of singular operators that do not have to be positive in general. In the approximation, we mainly use a general matrix summability process ...
    • Hopf Bifurcatıon Analysis For A Ratio-Dependent Predator-Prey System Involving Two Delays 

      Karaoglu, E.; Merdan, Hüseyin (Cambridge University Press, 2014-01)
      The aim of this paper is to give a detailed analysis of Hopf bifurcation of a ratio-dependent predator-prey system involving two discrete delays. A delay parameter is chosen as the bifurcation parameter for the analysis. ...
    • Rational points of the curve over 

      Özbudak, Ferruh; Saygı, Zülfükar (Cambridge University Press, 2014-01)
      Let q be a power of an odd prime. For arbitrary positive integers h, n, m with n dividing m and arbitrary with ? ? 0 we determine the number of -rational points of the curve in many cases.
    • A note on the conjecture of Ramirez and Sirvent 

      Kılıç, Emrah; Prodinger, Helmut (University of Waterloo, 2014-02)
      We give a proof of a recent conjecture of Ramirez and Sirvent on the generating function of the incomplete Tribonacci numbers.
    • Conditioning analysis of nonlocal integral operators in fractional Sobolev spaces 

      Aksoylu, Burak; Unlu, Zuhal (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Publications, 2014-03)
      We study the conditioning of nonlocal integral operators with singular and integrable kernels in fractional Sobolev spaces. These operators are used, for instance, in peridynamics formulation and nonlocal diffusion. In one ...
    • Robust preconditioners for the high-contrast Stokes equation 

      Aksoylu, Burak (Elsevier Science Bv, 2014-03)
      We consider the Stokes equation with high-contrast viscosity coefficients. We construct a preconditioner that is robust with respect to contrast size and mesh size simultaneously based on the preconditioner proposed by ...
    • A generalization of a conjecture of Melham 

      Kılıç, Emrah; Akkus, Ilker; Prodinger, Helmut (Utilitas Mathematica Publishing Inc., 2014-03)
      A generalization of one of Melham's conjectures is presented. After writing it in terms of Gaussian q binomial coefficients, a solution is found using the elementary technique of partial fraction decomposition.