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    • Cheap talk games with two-senders and different modes of communication 

      Bayindir, Esra E.; Gurdal, Mehmet Y.; Özdoğan, Ayça; Sağlam, İsmail (MDPI, 2020-06)
      This paper deals with the effects of different modes of communication in a costless information transmission environment with multiple senders. To this aim, we present a theoretical and experimental study of three Cheap ...
    • Truth-telling and trust in sender-receiver games with intervention: an experimental study 

      Gurdal, Mehmet Y.; Özdoğan Atabay, Ayça; Sağlam, İsmail (Springer Heidelberg, 2014-06)
      Recent experimental studies find excessive truth-telling in sender-receiver games. We show that this phenomenon is robust to the random intervention of a truthful regulator. In addition, intervention significantly increases ...