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    • Tunable optical behavior of infrared filters with phase change material 

      Ozer, A.; Kocer, H.; Kurt, Hamza (Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), 2018-10-01)
      We propose an asymmetric to quasisymmetric behavioral tunability of a structured filter operating in the mid-infrared (IR) spectral region, where the atmospheric transparency is high. The structure is designed through ...
    • Ultracompact Photonic Structure Design for Strong Light Confinement and Coupling Into Nanowaveguide 

      Turduev, Mirbek; Bor, Emre; Latifoğlu, Çağrı; Giden, İbrahim Halil; Hanay, Y. Sinan; Kurt, Hamza (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2018-07-15)
      Different optimization algorithms have recently been utilized to design and improve the performance of many nanophotonic structures. We present the design of a compact photonic structure by an approach based on machine ...
    • Wrinkling of graphene because of the thermal expansion mismatch between graphene and copper 

      Oğurtanı, Ömer Tarık; Şenyıldız, Doğukan; Cambaz Büke, Göknur (Wiley, 2018-05)
      Well-defined bundles of wrinkles are observed on the graphene-covered copper by using atomic force microscopy after chemical vapor deposition process. Their numerical analyses are performed by employing a set of formula ...